Hans Meyer

21 July 1925 - 3 April 2020

Welcome to the official website for Hans Meyer. This site is dedicated to a man who is not among the "A" list of Hollywood and European acting elite ... yet had over the years managed to earn the respect of his fellow actors, directors, and the loyal following of his many fans around the world. Since the early 1950s, Hans has acted in over 50 films, countless television programmes, several theatre productions, and several major advertising campaigns - in four different languages! (He spoke all these languages fluently ... including Zulu, which he had the opportunity to use when filming the short film "John" in 1992). Whether it be a major starring role or a guest appearance, a comedy or a drama, his quiet assured talent and amazing presence shined through.

A distinguished and modest man, Hans was not one to shout loudly about his many accomplishments over the years. However, his filmography and CV are a testament to his long and venerable career.