Charles Aznavour "Parce Que" in Leos Carax "Mauvais Sang"

From the Leos Carax masterpiece - "Mauvais Sang". Music by Charles Aznavour - "Parce Que"

"Heidi BBC's 1974 Television Serial"

It is rare to see it, was shown on American telly once, years ago (and in wee hours of the night). Personally I think Hans made the best "grandfather" in any version made!

"Morteterre" with English subtitles.

"La fin du bal" a film by Caroline Troubetzkoy.

Advertisment for Terry Cognac starring Hans Meyer ('Mister Cognac') and Nico (Christa Päffgen).

[3D] Tribute to Hans Meyer : design of a virtual actor for "Requiem". Made by IIM students